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The paradoxical nature of the grief experience
  1. Paradoxical Intention and Related Techniques
  2. SAGE Books - Understanding the Paradoxical Theory of Change
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Edition Gerald R. It was difficult to review this book from an unbiased point of view. If the reader is an advocate of paradoxical therapy, this text would be hailed as a major contribution to the understanding of this therapeutic approach. However, if the reader is a practitioner with a traditional theoretical base, the book would be seen as an attempt to elevate a practice of questionable ethical underpinnings to that of a respected level, with an abundance of one of a kind case examples and little longitudinal study to back it up.

Paradoxical Intention and Related Techniques

Little appears to have changed in this text from the original version published in 1 , except that the section on research includes more recent study findings. Although there is some vagueness regarding the definition of paradox in therapy, most of the contributing authors used a framework based on the work of J. Haley, Milton Erickson, and V. Although no one definition is set forth, most working definitions appear to embrace a concept whereby the therapist attempts to produce more of a behavior that the patient professes to wish to change rather than the classical extinguishing of that behavior.

SAGE Books - Understanding the Paradoxical Theory of Change

Each of the authors throughout the book present their own point of view and apply a paradoxical approach to their therapeutic work. Most of the 17 contributors are from the field of psychology. Because the book's content is obviously beyond the scope of traditional beginning concepts, this book would not likely be on the required reading list in a basic educational program, but might be the focus of a special interest paper.

Advertisement Hide. Paradoxical Intention and Related Techniques. Authors Authors and affiliations L. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Ascher, L.

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Meaning of "paradoxical intention" in the English dictionary

Initial insomnia and paradoxical intention: An experimental investigation of putative mechanisms using subjective and actigraphic measurement of sleep. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, 31 , — DiTomasso, R. Paradoxical intention: The case of the case study. Dunlap, K. A revision of the fundamental law of habit formation.

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Science, 57 , — Repetition in the breaking of habits. Science Monthly, 30 , 66— Erickson, M. Hypnotic approaches to therapy.