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I definitely would like to take biology and chemistry at A level but I am unsure of what else to take. I am finding maths quite tricky so I feel it would be very hard for me to take it as an A level. Would sports as an A level be good to study something involved in science? I suggest having a conversation with your Maths teacher about whether they think it would be feasible for you to take it at A-level; it may be that you are underestimating yourself.

The Square Root of 2

Alternatively, Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics would leave your options open for any type of science degree at all. For my fourth option I am unsure on my chosen subject, but I have might decide to do Chemistry. In future, I would like to pursue an occupation in Engineering. October 24, at pm.

Those four subjects are perfect for Engineering. Of course Chemistry is the one to drop after AS, although you should consider taking all four to A2 if you are confident it will not affect your grades in the other three. October 22, at pm. Chemistry is not essential for Computing. October 21, at pm. I am choosing my A-level choices and my current choices include Computing, Graphic Art, Media studies and Photography and I would like to go into web or graphic design. I would strongly recommend switching some of your options for facilitating subjects — particularly Media Studies and Photography, at least one of which I would advise switching for Maths.

Computing, Graphic Art, Maths and whichever other facilitating subject takes your fancy would make for a much stronger set, both for your chosen career and for keeping your options open.

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October 21, at am. Hi, thank you for your earlier reply- it was a lot of help. One more question: Do universities prefer A levels or the IB and which would make it easier to get a university place? UK universities will not mind whether you take A-levels or the IB. The IB is a more respected exam, but anecdotally, university offers for the IB can be a little higher than their A-level equivalents.

I would advise against letting this guide you either way; instead, consider whether you would enjoy doing a more varied set of 6 subjects in the IB or a more focused set of in A-levels. You can read our guide to the IB here. October 20, at pm. I am happy with the above choices, however I was wondering if I am making big mistake by not taking Biology instead of Religious Studies?

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I am asking this because I want to keep my options open as much as I can so would replacing the subjects help me to do this or should I keep RS? Taking Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology leaves your options open for literally any science-related degree. Take RS as a fourth subject to drop after AS if you think you would enjoy it more and do better in it than Biology. You may be interested in our article on subjects you are ruling out with your A-level choices. I have decided to do Maths, Chemistry and Biology.

However, I would like to do Pharmacology at university, therefore do you think theses are good option or would you recommended another option? Or would some other subjects be better?

Which subjects you should take depends a great deal on what you want to do in future. Regarding the subjects you mentioned, English Literature would be a better choice than Language and Literature if your school offers it. Then you can drop either a science or a humanities subject at the end of AS depending on which route you decide to take afterwards. October 20,pm,Afreen said: Hi!

I have a few questions related to my A levels,I have 3 subjects physics,chemistry,maths and I will be finishing my A2 on jan I also have Biology but my AS results are poor so l will be repeating it on may,so my question is if I cash in code my Biology AS result will I still be able to apply in medical university.

Please let me know it would be a great help,if this happens my problem will be solved,so please…… let me know. If the disappointing results are due to external circumstances and you have the potential to get top marks, by all means re-sit it. However, if your results in Biology reflect your ability, you will have to choose another career path.

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Will they accept just my AS results. It will be kind of you to let me know as fast as possible. Thank you, Afreen. The answer to this — assuming your Biology grade is good enough — will vary by university. We advise you email the universities you are thinking of applying to, and ask them this question individually. Dear ORA, Thanks for the reply and what you have suggested me l will try my best to do and ask them individually.

Exploring Probability in School | SpringerLink

Thank you very much for the advice, Afreen. I want to do C.

Statistics S1 - (S1) - Probability (11) - Mutually Exclusive Events AS Stats Edexcel

A or atleast go into the field of accountancy. I am from Pakistan. Also, is Maths compulsory? Please advice quick!!! Maths is absolutely essential for Accountancy; ideally, you should take Further Maths as well. For your other subjects, you may want to consider Economics, Chemistry, Physics or perhaps a language for variety. October 19, at pm. Would this be okay? October 20, at am. That is a good set, with the exception of Film Studies, which is not respected at all and should be replaced with Maths, in your case.

October 18, at pm. Would a combination of English Lit. And what careers could this lead to? Out of: English Lit. Would Creative Writing be better as just an after school club? Any advice would be gratefully received! I suggest taking Geography, French and English Literature as your core three subjects which is a very strong combination for an English degree, and a solid combination for Geography, though perhaps more humanities-focused than the norm and then whichever one of English Language and Creative Writing you prefer, assuming that you will drop it after AS — in terms of respectability, there is not much difference between the two.

October 18, at am. Hello, I am looking forward to study Paramedic Science in order to become a Paramedic. What subjects would you recommend? I am definitely going to pick biology as one of my A level subjects. Please let me know what you think, Kind regards, Laura.

You should ideally take 4 AS-levels and take three of them to A-level. October 17, at pm.


If I was to study along the lines of Medicine, would History help? So could you give me a little insight and what paths could be available. Also, will I be able to request for specific subject teachers at A level — My History Teacher is literally best. She makes me feel that I could do well in the subject and my Chemistry Teacher is so bad — I would cry if I got him for Years 12 and Any advice and help would be much appreciated. Thank you, Tazmin.